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Dawn Campbell & Melody Macdonald
Hastings, Ontario

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Twoloom's Tiramisu



CLRC # 37939-H


DOB: Sept. 3, 2008
Colour: Multi
Sex: Female


2012Twoloom's Golden Girl


20093rd, Juv. Female Multi, AO Spring Show


Year AFD SD CV Spin CF
2009 24.20 7.17 29.6% 25.60 87.3%
2010 27.75 6.27 22.6% 27.4 71.6%
2011 26.44 7.27 27.5% 27.3 78.4%
2012 28.33 6.85 24.2% 28.4 69.6%

Tira’s dam, Katie, is a large framed alpaca weighing in just under 200lbs. Katie’s large frame allows for ample capacity to carry a cria and easy birthing. Katie has excellent maternal instincts and provides lots of milk for her cria. Katie also has a calm laid back demeanour. All of these traits have been passed on to her daughter. Tira has a well-proportioned large frame showing good capacity to carry a cria with a quiet demeanour which makes her very easy to handle.

Tira’s sire, Oreo, is a compact well-proportioned alpaca with excellent fibre coverage, density, and length. At 6 years old he gave us over 10 lbs. of fibre with a 7lb unskirted blanket in 2010. His fibre is typically 4” or longer and has an incredible handle and excellent shine. All of his cria inherit his handle and shine and typically show an improved micron count and solid leg structure. Tira has inherited the solid leg structure, incredible handle, and excellent shine from her father.

Tira is an easy breeder catching in 1 or 2 breedings, has no problem giving birth, has lots of milk and is an attentive mother. Tira was bred to Misty Water's Chipper in 2011 and had a lovely solid fawn female cria this year. Tira was bred again this year to Arriba Sebastian for a 2013 cria.


  Jolimont Peruvian Ivano, WH  
RFA Oreo, TB    
    Mana, MF
  RFA Puddin, MB  
    Saltspring Parfait, TB
    Ghost Myst, WH
  Devonian Gold Ice Mist, MF  
    Royal Panda Impact, TB
RE Katie, MB    
    Prince Domino I
  Most Loved, TB  
    Silver Reserve