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Dawn Campbell & Melody Macdonald
Hastings, Ontario

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Arriba Sebastian

Arriba Sebastian


CLRC # 36651-H


DOB: July 18, 2008
Colour: Black
Sex: Male


2011Twoloom's Shaquilla
2012Twoloom's Nyx
 To Be Sebastian's Charm


20092nd Juvenile Black, AO Show
 1st Black Fleece, Navan Fair
 1st Black Composite, Navan Fair
 Black Colour Champion, Navan Fair
 1st Juvenile Black, Alpaca Canada Futurity
 1st Black Fleece, AO Fleece Show
 Black Colour Champion, AO Fleece Show


Year AFD (µ) SD (µ) CV (%) Spin (µ) CF (%) Min. AFD Max. AFD
2009 21.12 5.79 27.4 21.8 94.0    
2010 23.40 5.92 25.3 23.7 89.6    
2011 24.95 6.64 26.6 25.6 84.5    
2012 25.48 7.41 29.1 26.8 81.3    
2013 23.40 5.10 21.7   90.7 22.5 25.3
2014 24.03 5.24 21.8   88.7 23.0 25.4
2015 24.40 5.20          

Sebastian is following in his father's footsteps with multiple awards in his first year of showing. He placed 2nd at the Alpaca Ontario Spring show and 1st in class in both the fleece and composite classes at Navan. He went on to take Black Colour Champion at Navan. He finished off the year by taking 1st in class at the Alpaca Canada Futurity and 1st in class and Black Colour Champion at the Alpaca Ontario fleece show.

Sebastian has produced some exceptional offspring!


    CPeruvian Rafael, MF
  Qolmesa Fernando, MF  
    CPeruvian Trixy, DB
Charbonnel Samuel, MB    
    CPeruvian Donatello, MF
  Sari, BG  
    CPeruvian Trina, BG
    Coyo Destini, WH
  RFA Cadbury, MF  
    Saltspring Parfait, TB
Alaskan Sunrise Arm, WH    
    Prime Satin
  Alaskan Sunset, LF  
    AVA MME Sanpa