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Dawn Campbell & Melody Macdonald
Hastings, Ontario

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Twoloom's Major Tom



CLRC # 40486-H


DOB: June 9, 2010
Colour: Black
Sex: Male


Year AFD (µ) SD (µ) CV (%) Spin (µ) CF (%) Min. AFD Max. AFD
2011 18.95 4.69 24.7 19.10 98.0    
2012 18.81 4.52 24 26.60 98.5    
2013 20.3 3.9 19   98.8 19.4 21.5

This up and coming herdsire has incredible fleece on a solid frame!

With the length, lustre and handle passed on from his father and the finess passed on from his mother we are expecting great things from this boy.


  Jolimont Peruvian Ivano, WH  
RFA Oreo, TB    
    Mana, MF
  RFA Puddin, MB  
    Saltspring Parfait, TB
    NGG Lionel, MF
  Sulliac Brew, MB  
    Fajana Brew, MB
UMA Sabrina, SG    
    MMR Grand Marnier, MF
  L.F. Serendipity, LF  
    LCDA 546