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Dawn Campbell & Melody Macdonald
Hastings, Ontario

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Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty


CLRC # 35195-H


DOB: July 4, 2007
Colour: Brown
Sex: Female


2011Arriba Memphis


Year AFD SD CV Spin CF
2010 29.36 9.39 32.0% 31.8 64.8%
2011 28.34 8.84 31.2% 30.4 70.3%

Libby impressed us in 2011 by having a cria with one of the curliest fleeces we have ever seen! We weren’t the only ones impressed as the cria, Memphis, sold before he was 6 months old.

Libby proved to be an excellent mother. Memphis was her first cria and she had him unattended. Within a 2 hour span she delivered the cria, passed the afterbirth and was waiting expectantly for the cria to nurse. Libby produced plenty of milk and was an attentive mother. She is easy to handle once you gain her trust.

Libby is the offspring of Fernando and Silhouette, getting density from both parents. She is a Rafael granddaughter (Rafael passed away March 2009) and has a strong bone structure and excellent conformation.


  CPeruvian Rafael, MF  
Qolmesa Fernando, MF    
  CPeruvian Trixy, DB  
  AVA Leanca Rico, TB  
JNR Silhouette, TB    
  AVA MME Bonica Quince, TB