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Dawn Campbell & Melody Macdonald
Hastings, Ontario

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Welcome to Twoloom Alpacas

We believe an alpaca can be bred that will maintain a 20 micron or less fleece over it's lifetime. That an alpaca with a standard diviation of 1 is a reality. We believe that we can attain that goal while breeding for black colour.

We believe an alpaca can have exceptional fibre qualities and both great conformation and a good disposition. That disposition and conformation are as important a criteria as is fleece quality.

We believe an alpacas value is in it's fleece, not in the piece of paper attached to it. An alpaca that can maintain a low micron count over time, with minimal deviation in it's fleece, little or no guard hair, and a good density should be of high value regardless of where it's registered.

We believe that a viable fleece industry can exist in Canada. That the first step is to create a brand and a market for what we currently can produce. The creation of a "Buy Local" program along with collective branding, buying, and marketing opportunities are essential.

Dawn Campbell & Melody Macdonald

Twoloom Alpacas