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Dawn Campbell & Melody Macdonald
Hastings, Ontario

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Twoloom's Cara Bonita Blanca



CLRC # 38561-H


DOB: August 4, 2009
Colour: Silver Grey
Sex: Female


2012Twoloom's Nyx


20101st, Yearling Female Grey &
 Champion Grey
 Eastern Canadian Futurity


Year AFD (µ) SD (µ) CV (%) Spin (µ) CF (%) Min. AFD Max. AFD
2010 21.88 6.02 27.5 22.6 91.9    
2011 23.56 6.28 26.7 24.2     89.6
2012 25.17 6.35 25.2 25.5 84.3    
2013 24.0 5.5 22.7   87.7 21.9 27.0

Cara is a keeper! Large framed, well proportioned, great conformation and pretty to boot! Cara has the fleece characteristics that we have come to expect from her father - solid density and high frequency crimp.

Cara has followed in both her sire and dams footsteps and has not only placed every time we have shown her but took the Grey Colour Championship at the inaugural Eastern CNASF show.

Cara was bred to our newest black male, Arriba Sebastian, for a 2012 cria. The baby was born on Canada Day and what a treat - gorgeous, female and black!

Cara has been bred to Arriba Sebastian for a 2014 cria.


    LCDA 3049
  DLA 3186 (Silverado), SG  
    LCDA 43, SG
Ring Ranch Matrix, SG    
    DLA EL Rey
  Genevieve, SG  
    DLA 904
  Jolimont Peruvian Alpamayo, WH  
N.G.A. Bonita, BG    
    Victor's Vaccoyo, WH
  N.G.A. Viccoya, WH  
    Cotton Candy, WH