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Dawn Campbell & Melody Macdonald
Hastings, Ontario

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N.G.A. Bonita



CLRC # 22721-H


DOB: July 10, 2003
Colour: Fawn
Sex: Female


2009Twoloom's Cara Bonita Blanca
2010Twoloom's Oreo Sensation
2012Twoloom's Olivia
2013Bred to RFA Oreo


20042nd, Juv. Lt Female, A.L.P.A.C.A. Show


Year AFD SD CV Spin CF
2004 20.35 4.52 22.2% 20.00 97.5%
2005 21.20 4.60 21.2%    
2007 21.93 5.64 25.7% 22.30 93.2%
2009 28.60 6.04 21.1% 27.90 68.5%
2010 28.77 6.29 21.9% 28.20 66.4%

Bonita has proven to be an exceptional female for us. All of her offspring have been female and all that have been shown have been multipe award winners.

Bonita breeds easily, births easily, has lots of milk and is a very attentive mother.

At 9 years old she is one of our best fibre producers with not only volume but length.


Jolimont Peruvian Alpamayo, WH    
    PPeruvian Victor, MF
  Victor's Vaccoyo, WH  
    PPeruvian Sara, WH
N.G.A. Viccoya, WH    
  Cotton Candy